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2014 Running Club Membership Enrollment For Columbus Ohio Area Runners Now Open!

Our next training season for the Capital City Half Marathon, Quarter marathon and other Spring races starts Saturday January 4th, 2014.

For approximately $12.00 a month you can be a full, annual member.  That is equivalent to only 3 Starbucks coffees a month and is much better for you anyways!  We also offer semi-annual memberships as well.

Join for fun, general fitness, or to train for a future race.  If you have never tried out a running club, come see what you have been missing.

Studies show that those who join a running club are more likely to perform better, and more importantly likely to stick to a running/exercise program.  We want to motivate you and inspire you to make running a part of an overall healthy lifestyle, not just something you do for your bucket list.  If you struggle with running, or find it to suck, we can help change that.  All experience levels are welcome and beginners are encouraged to join!

We are a smaller club  focused on providing a more intimate and personable experience.  You will have direct access (included) to Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA) and USA Track and Field – Level 1 certified running coaches who can tailor our group training plans to make them more individualized for your running style and experience.

Annual Membership – $150
Winter/Spring Session Only – (Jan 1- May 31) – $90
Summer / Fall Session Only – (June 1 – Dec 15th) – $ 90

* We also offer a referral program. After you join and are enrolled, each time you refer a friend you will get $25 for each friend you refer (up to what you paid in).  This is only good for people who are not already (or in the past) have been members. In other words, new members only.

*If you are a business and corporation and want to provide corporate discounts for your employees, please contact us.

All fees go towards supporting the costs incurred by the club such as training shirts for our members, Gatorade and equipment to provide hydration along the running trail during group runs, and other administrative costs.  Race fees are not included and are the responsibility of the participant.

Training for the 2014 Capital City Half or Quarter marathon,  2014 Flying Pig, or 2014 Cleveland full or half ?

We recommend that half marathoners be able to run or run/walk 3 miles prior to the start of half marathon training and have been running consistently for at least 6 months.  We recommend full marathoners be able to run at least 5 miles prior to the start of marathon training and have been running for at least one year, with 18 months or more recommended.  These are just guidelines, but we see the best results with runners who have some experience before taking on longer distance races.   For quarter marathon and below distance (like 5k’s / 10k’s) no previous running experience is needed.   We do not care if you can’t run 50 feet yet, you are welcome!

Our club members realize that life isn’t just about running.  We put an emphasis on being healthier, being supportive of other members, and leaving ego’s behind.  Many of our runners are new to running and just looking for help getting started.  Others have been running for awhile and realize how easier it is to “keep running” when you have running partners.

Each Saturday morning,  we meet as a group, to get our mileage in for that day, but with other runners training for the same goals.   We follow a specific training plan for your experience level and goal race.  We meet primarily at the Westerville / Alum Creek trail and Olentangy trail systems (rotating about every two weeks) but have also been known to schedule fun runs at other trails, like Highbanks, etc.

We break up by approximate pace and then hit the trail for a training run.  For some this might be a 45 minute walk/run, for others it may be for a 5 mile run.  Along the running route is Gatorade/Water stops depending on the distance scheduled.  Coaches are around before, during and after runs to work on any specific issues or to help answer any questions you may have.

All club events are optional,  but we have found (and studies support) that runners who participate in running groups are far less likely to quit a running program than someone who goes at it solo.  Generally, those who are in running clubs are far more successful at completing their running goals than those who are not.   We can’t run for you.  But we can help you stay motivated if you come.

Throughout the year, there will be a few evening training seminars held at a local business establishment, or sometimes recorded in a webinar format.  These seminars are optional as well but can make you a more informed runner.  We cover training principles and why we train like we do.  We talk about what works and what you should consider avoiding.   We talk about breathing, pace, training intensities and frequency of your runs.   Other classes cover fueling and how you can use food and water and other engineered foods like GU, gels, or Gatorade to supplement your training and racing to give you more energy during your runs as well as help you recovery faster between training days.   We also hold classes in injury prevention, recovery strategies, as well as proper equipment.

We also participate in or host team night events at  Road Runner Sports – Columbus where we work with area experts such as OSU Sports Medicine or local physicians to give clinics on nutrition and injury prevention as well as occasional discounts or giveaways.   All club members also receive a 15% discount at Running Warehouse along with free 2nd day shipping on most items.

After signup, you will have access to our club membership area.

For a list of all benefits we offer our members, or to sign up, please check out our Run Fit running club membership page.

Columbus Ohio Running Club


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Steve is a RRCA and USA Track and Field certified running coach and club director for Run Fit Running Club in Central Ohio.

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